How Instagram Became An Amazingly Valuable Acquisition For Facebook

After just 18 months in business, Instagram had made enough of an impact for Facebook to open up their check books to the tune of $1 billion. Since then, Instagram has managed to position itself as the 20th most popular website in the world with a cool 730.5 million average monthly visits.   We couldn’t resist taking a look beneath the surface of such huge traffic, so used SimilarWeb to analyze just how they’ve become so successful. How Do People … Continue reading

How Kim Kardashian (Just About) Broke The Internet

Unless your internet suffered a severe meltdown last week you MUST have heard about Paper Magazine’s Kim Kardashian cover. Featuring explicit photos of the reality star the cover encouraged Kardashian to “break the internet” and she nearly did. With BuzzFeed declaring clickbait to be dead and buried, we decided to use SimilarWeb to investigate whether the Kardashian cover proved this epitaph wrong.

PR NewsWire Are Showing Signs of Recovery from the Google Penalty They Suffered in Q3 of 2014

I recently received a message, through LinkedIn, from one of our users of the free version of SimilarWeb. The message sparked my inspiration and led to this very article you’re reading about PR NewsWire.  The whole story was kick started by an article we published in July 2014, asking if PR NewsWire will recover from incurring a major Google Penalty. I decided to share the original message with our readers, after confirming it with the sender, since I believe our … Continue reading

How the SimilarWeb API helps investors identify worthy opportunities

Here at SimilarWeb, we’re often amazed and impressed by the ingenuity of our user community. One such case can be found in a New York-based investment house that we recently helped to set up a sophisticated intelligence processing system, powered by the SimilarWeb API. Using the dashboard that we developed with the firm’s IT team, their investment researchers can easily and quickly see how the websites of prospective investments are performing over time and can reconcile that data with information about … Continue reading

Web Summit – Davos For Geeks

Our team has just returned from Web Summit 2014 in Dublin, full of positive emotions, business connections and new ideas. It was an amazing event and one that provided us with a great experience, more of which you can learn about here, however, as passionate devotees of online analytics, we wanted to delve deep into the fair and explore it’s web presence in terms of traffic, engagement metrics and everything else that we love so much. Expanding the Horizons SimilarWeb shows … Continue reading

This Is What Under Armour Needs To Learn From Industry Veterans

For years the sports clothing industry has been dominated by recognizable giants such as Nike and Adidas. However, in recent years, Kevin Plank’s Baltimore based brand Under Armour has started muscling in on the action. Under Armour are trying to gain a larger share of the market with moves such as attempting to outbid Nike for NBA player Kevin Durant’s sponsorship and taking over Adidas’ sponsorship of Notre Dame. In order to increase this market share, though, Under Armour needs … Continue reading

3 Ways that Creative Marketing Can Leverage Data Too

A recent survey of senior marketing executives found that when it comes to providing value to their teams, the best marketers use a blend of analytic and creative skills. A full 70% of respondents indicated that analysis and creativity are of equal importance. Chart courtesy Spencer Stuart   Why You Need Both Data and Creativity Creativity is crucial for creating exciting visuals, writing compelling story lines and constantly coming up with new ideas for compelling messages that fit your brand. … Continue reading

Revealing the Popularity of Each Markup Type

Maximizing your organic search traffic is one of the most important areas for ensuring your site is a success. You may feel as though you’ve already captured all the traffic you possibly can, but there’s always untapped traffic to target. Content is increasingly being viewed as the key element in driving traffic online, so just imagine the benefits of search engines aggregating rich information about your content to search results. It sounds quite appealing, but also rather complex. However, what … Continue reading

3 Ways SEOs Can Leverage the Power of the SimilarWeb API

Search engine optimization practitioners need the most useful data at their fingertips, whether working in-house for a company or at a hired service agency responsible for a variety of clients. Developing a high-quality competitor tracking system is one of the best ways SEOs can identify the highest-value link opportunities out there. Thankfully, the SimilarWeb API makes this easy. It’s an amazingly powerful and versatile solution for collecting specific data about any website in existence, identifying impactful link building ideas and … Continue reading

Customer Engagement: The Critical Component to Delivering an Effective Omni-Channel Strategy

In my previous post, I explained about the importance of adapting an omni-channel strategy for your retail business. In this post, I will be delving a little deeper into one of the most important components necessary to create your omni-channel strategy: Customer Engagement. Customer Engagement isn’t just about reaching out to your clients when it’s good for you. It’s about letting them know you are there for them 24 hours a day 7 days a week through every channel possible. … Continue reading