SimilarWeb PRO Adds Mobile Web Data (beta)!

August 19, 2014 By Comments

The mobile web has arrived at SimilarWeb. Today online marketers will have access to both desktop and mobile competitive intelligence in the SimilarWeb PRO platform as a beta version has been released. We live in a multi-device world where using 2 or 3 screens at the same time is the new normal. Different devices impact how we use the internet, and as marketers we see very different behaviors based on device type. With SimilarWeb’s new mobile data we aim to show you these differences and give you the insights to power decisions like how to target users in your mobile... View Article

5 Cool Facts About Reddit from SimilarWeb PRO

August 18, 2014 By Comments

Reddit is a great place to head when you want to know what’s creating a buzz in this crazy world. Powered by a bulletin board system, Reddit uses text, images and videos to engage visitors and allows them to vote content up or down. It’s an exciting platform and one that’s caught my attention, so I’ve decided to share 5 really cool facts about Reddit I found using SimilarWeb PRO       1. Most Popular Boards On Reddit Loading up SimilarWeb PRO and heading to Website Content > Popular Pages allowed me to analyze the most popular pages on... View Article

When Your SEO Goes Radioactive – How Malaysia Airlines Lost 8.5 Million Web Visitors

August 14, 2014 By Comments

It’s said that bad publicity is better than no publicity, but does this statement ring true? Negative attention, in the world of SEO, takes the form of radioactive traffic. I don’t mean that it glows and has the potential to turn you into the Hulk, but more that it’s dangerous and can have long lasting effects on your reputation. A good example of this practice is Miley Cyrus, whose web traffic has experienced great spikes, but at the cost of her reputation and overall traffic performance. More recently, there has been the troubles experienced by Malaysia Airlines. Using SimilarWeb PRO,... View Article

Is Latin America An E-Commerce Goldmine? eBay Seems To Think So

August 13, 2014 By Comments

eBay is currently looking to widen its popularity through the Latin America market with campaigns such as free shipping, creating sites which use local languages and currencies to target these growing mobile markets. It’s an aggressive approach which aims to make the eBay brand more global. The market is lucrative and it’s easy to see why eBay are keen to push their operations there. To get a better understanding of the Latin American market, I analyzed the e-commerce industry in this region with SimilarWeb PRO.     E-Commerce Industry SimilarWeb PRO highlighted just how huge the e-commerce market is worldwide with... View Article

Why Facebook Will Never Succeed In Russia

August 12, 2014 By Comments

Facebook is generally seen as the ultimate social network site and appears to steamroll all its competitors into the dirt. However, whilst this may be true on a global scale, it’s still not the top dog in all markets. One area that Facebook just cannot break into is Russia and their efforts are constantly thwarted by local rivals VK. Using SimilarWeb PRO, I analyzed the data behind these two social networks to see exactly what was happening.     Russia’s Social Networks SimilarWeb PRO’s ‘Industry Analysis’ feature allowed me to take a look at who the most successful social networks... View Article

The SEO and Referral Value of Press Releases in 2014

August 11, 2014 By Comments

Google has been cracking down on press release sites with low quality, often duplicate, content, which is written solely for the purpose of populating the web with links. Sites like PR Newswire, which used to do well in search engine results and therefore used to provide valuable inbound links to websites, were hit fairly hard by May 2014′s Panda 4.0. Some have been struggling to regain their footing by tightening quality standards, purging offending pages and changing their rules in ways that they’re hoping will satisfy Matt Cutts and the rest of the Google webspam team. But how widespread is this issue?... View Article

8 Great Tips for Creating The Perfect Webinar

August 7, 2014 By Comments

Webinar is an amazing way to reach out to your existing and potential clients, introduce them to your services and products in an informative and helpful manner, and even get some valuable leads and conversions. The audio-visual experience helps the attendees to better understand the content, as apposed to reading long manuals and guides, and the person hosting the webinar gets to communicate his message to many people at once. But not every webinar is a great one and there are many companies out there that simply don’t know how to arrange a webinar that their audience will enjoy, while... View Article

Is Social Sharing A Massively Growing Marketing Channel For The Sports Industry?

August 6, 2014 By Comments

The rise in social media platforms over the last five years has meant that these platforms are now prime real estate for marketing campaigns. Sports firms have not shied away from this environment and have been running innovative campaigns to collect user data and personalize their campaigns. This operation hopes to maximize conversion rates and create loyalty between the customer and the brand. I’m going to take a look at the data behind social sharing and analyze just how Adidas have approached it as a marketing channel.     Case Study – Adidas Adidas are a German sports brand who... View Article

Top Countries Referring Traffic to the E-Commerce Industry

August 5, 2014 By Comments

Global business-to-consumer e-commerce sales are due to hit an astounding $1.5 trillion by the end of 2014. This 20% increase this year, is being fueled by the growth of emerging markets where access to the internet is finally becoming commonplace. Analyzing the top markets referring traffic to websites in this industry, will give e-commerce businesses exclusive opportunities when moving ahead in these markets and gaining a strong foothold.         An Analysis of The e-Commerce Industry Going over the average visits per site over the past 6 months, we found and nice steady growth as you can see... View Article

SimilarWeb Passes Alexa in Website Rank

August 4, 2014 By Comments

According to Alexa Rankings, in April of this year SimilarWeb passed by Alexa and today is almost 1,000 positions higher. As of this week Alexa claims the global rank of 2137, and at a global rank of 1,336.   Due to the black box nature of Alexa’s rankings we’re not sure how Alexa  ranked SimilarWeb above themselves.  Alexa’s trends show clearly that SimilarWeb is on the rise while Alexa is in free fall but in all fairness, we should say that according to our stats, we have yet to pass Alexa in traffic volume. Let’s review the stats Stats... View Article