Case Study: Amazon’s App Store Optimization

E-commerce giant Amazon had been fighting for top rank in the app Shopping Category, never reaching first place. Recently a conflict of interest with Google’s app store policy forced the company to rebrand their app completely.  The resulting app store optimization (ASO) of the Amazon brand allowed the newly relaunched Amazon Shopping app to surge in rank from 300 to 1st place in less than two weeks.   We compared the app’s performance before and after ASO to see how smart rebranding coupled … Continue reading

“You Might Also Like:” How Outbrain & Taboola are Cashing in Big with Content Recommendation

content-recommendation-platforms featured
  Sometimes there is value in what’s not there: The previously ignored white space at the bottom of articles has turned into a veritable goldmine.   Chances are by now that you’ve seen it on more than one website, and there’s an equally good chance you’ve clicked on it. We’re talking about content recommendation networks. They take related content from publishers and add content from other publishers and advertisers, essentially building a sample of similar posts that you might like. … Continue reading

Uncovering the App Economy – Predictions by Benjamin Seror, VP of Product at SimilarWeb

The app analysis industry has been going through some massive changes in the past year. When trying to valuate an app in the past, app developers and advertisers learned to rely on metrics that told only part of the story. Number of installs, for instance, was considered a good indicator for an app’s popularity, as well as rating and ranking in the app store. These metrics, while undoubtedly important, can’t give a clear picture of an app’s real value since … Continue reading

Dive in – App Engagement Arrives at SimilarWeb

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.03.17 PM
Today marks another major milestone for SimilarWeb as we announce a new set of insights for the mobile app economy. We are proud to announce the addition of mobile reach, engagement, and retention insights for mobile apps. Our mission is to measure the digital world, so just as we have done for upstream and downstream website traffic intelligence so must we do for mobile apps.   In September we launched the first part of our mobile app insights by looking … Continue reading

Buzzfeed & 9gag: The Funniest Posts of 2014

Previously we said that because 2014 was such a tough year, we wanted to begin the new year in the spirit of optimism. A fresh start for a hopefully much lighter year.   But that means getting our inspiration – and our joy – wherevever we can find it, whether it’s reflecting on our past achievements, drinking a gourmet cup of coffee, releasing a new product update, or… looking at funny memes of cats.   That’s why we’ve collected the … Continue reading

How Shopify is Changing the Face of the Shopping Industry

Since its launch in 2004, has grown to become the world’s leading e-commerce platform, powering over 120,000 stores.   Starting as a modest e-commerce solution that was marketed via word of mouth, Shopify now generates over $5B in total gross merchandise volume. From Budweiser to the Foo Fighters, brands from a variety of industries are currently using Shopify as an e-commerce solution to sell merchandise to the public.   In the past 5 years the site has really expanded its online presence. … Continue reading

Why Search Marketers Should Pay Attention to Mobile Web in 2015

Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, Ebay….whatever the site, chances are, there’s an app for it. More and more users are surfing the web on the go, and this is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Apps seem to be winning the popularity contest as they’re usually much easier to navigate with a cleaner user interface. Many companies are optimizing their mobile sites in response. But regardless of whether it’s an app or a mobile site, one thing is clear: … Continue reading

An Amazing SEO Trend for Android Apps: Deep App Links

android deep app links
Google has started indexing Android apps in a move which looks to send shockwaves throughout the organic search arena. 15% of Google searches carried out on Android devices now result in the SERP showing deep app links. 2014 Q4 saw a 10x increase in clicks on deep app links in Google, so their popularity is obvious. But what exactly are deep app links and how can they help mobile marketeers?   The Basics of Deep App Links A deep app link … Continue reading

SimilarWeb for Google Spreadsheets

similarweb for google spreadsheets
We’ve had quite a few product updates and new features lately – all part of our mission to make SimilarWeb as easy to use as possible. We’re continually tweaking the platform so you can get data insights faster than ever before, which is why we’re especially proud of our APIs. Our latest tool is something we’re really excited about: native integration with Google Spreadsheets.  That’s right, we’ve combined the best of SimilarWeb’s capabilities directly in the easy-to-use and well known … Continue reading

Just How Essential are Referrals for Mobile Apps?

Referrals are a great indicator that your brand is being talked about. Best of all, using this form of “word of mouth” marketing is relatively cost free. With that in mind, I wondered how much of a bearing referrals have on the highly lucrative mobile app market. Using SimilarWeb, I decided to take a closer look at two of the top performing apps in their category – Trivia Crack and Netflix App Rankings for Trivia Crack and Netflix SimilarWeb’s Top Apps tool shows that … Continue reading