Meerkat for Android Pops out of Beta Hole: Activity Jumps

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  Now that live-streaming app Meerkat is officially released for Android, you can see data showing its rise in popularity. We recently highlighted the competition between Meerkat and its competitor Periscope in Apple’s App Store. Users spend approximately 4 minutes watching live-streaming videos each time they use the app, with an average of 3.16 sessions per user. That’s more than 12 minutes per day.   App installs grew steadily over a recent 28-day period, and the number of active Meerkat … Continue reading

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Paid Apps in the UK

  We’re crazy for app usage patterns here at SimilarWeb, and we’re all about sharing these interesting data trends with you. Just a few days ago we showed you the Top 10 Business Apps currently favored by mobile users in India; today we’re giving you a look at the most popular paid apps in the UK.   So here they are, the UK’s Top 10 most popular (read: most used) paid apps for Android users:   Notice a pattern here? … Continue reading

Who’s Really Helping Nepal?

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  The Nepal earthquake occurred nearly a month ago, and the country is still struggling to recover. The massive earthquake and subsequent aftershocks took over 8,000 lives and twice as many were injured.   Since the disaster, donations began pouring in. But who’s really helping Nepal? We took a look at the top aid organizations funneling donations into the stricken country to see who’s doling out the dough to help Nepal recover from this disaster.     Unsurprisingly, several relief … Continue reading

Blippar: Soaring Unicorn or Self-Promoted Pony?

The CEO of New York-based visual search startup Blippar recently boasted that his “company is going to be worth hundreds of billions.” This statement was made after Blippar received a Series C financing round of $45 million to help grow its business.   That’s a remarkable claim, given that the most recent six months of Blippar Android app data reveal plummeting user retention rates. App analytics show that the vast majority of Blippar’s users abandon ship within a month of … Continue reading

Twitter’s Decrease in Revenue Doesn’t Really Matter

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  San Francisco-based Twitter, the insanely popular social media platform that keeps users’ messages short and to-the-point, recently reported its Q1 2015 earnings. The company’s earnings missed analyst expectations, and predictions for the remainder of 2015 were revised to reflect a downward trend.   While diving into all things Twitter, we discovered some interesting data insights. The company’s mobile web traffic rose 218% from the end of October 2014 to March 2015 (113 million to 246 million visits). Twitter’s desktop web … Continue reading

Top 10 Most Used Business Apps in India

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Recently we’ve been exploring the highly lucrative Indian market, which is expanding on across all fronts. This week we took another look at which apps ranked highest in the App Index – that’s SimilarWeb’s innovative ranking system that measures app performance based on actual usage patterns.   We used the app index data to pull the winners of this week’s app category – Business Apps. Here’s the top 10 most used free business apps in India for Android.     … Continue reading

Whose Loves their Team More, Manchester United or Arsenal Fans?

Sensitive question of the day: Who is crazier about their team, Manchester United or Arsenal?   The stats show that fans of the Gunners are more active on Arsenal’s team site than United fans are on their FC’s virtual pitch. United fans, however, are more active on social media.   Arsenal fans visit their team’s website more each month, both on their desktop computers or their mobiles. They stay on the Gunners’ site longer, and type in their team’s URL by heart … Continue reading

Is Katy Perry the Real Winner of the Billboard Music Awards?

The highly-anticipated 2015 Billboard Music Awards took place in Vegas late night, and even though the show is technically over, the buzz is still going strong. The top trending hashtag on Twitter right now is #BBMAs, because the only thing the adoring public loves more than their musical idols is talking about said musical idols on social media.   The biggest winner from last night’s event was the chart-topping golden girl Taylor Swift, who took home a staggering 8 wins including … Continue reading

Introducing SimilarWeb for Salesforce

We’re on a roll this week…here’s another new cool tool for you!   We all know how important data is, especially in the digital age. Gone are the days of making business decisions based on theories or half-baked hunches. In today’s world, decisions based on data are really the only decisions a manager can afford to make.   This is true for everyone, but it’s especially true for sales – where prioritization and fast handling can directly impact the progress … Continue reading

Faster Competitive Analysis with Quick Start on SimilarWeb PRO

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve managed to make competitive analysis in SimilarWeb PRO easier and faster than ever before. Now thanks to our newly-launched ‘Quick Start’ feature, you can access a specific page to see one or more competitors in 3 simple steps. This innovative new feature is available for analyzing both websites and apps.   How to use the Quick Start Feature?   To use this new feature, visit your SimilarWeb PRO account and click on the ‘Quick … Continue reading