The Secret of Early Adopters

July 31, 2014 By Comments

In every field, the early adopters can easily be typecast – those people who are the first to jump on board and tell all their friends about it. It’s important to reach those early adopters since they can become a big part of your marketing strategy, especially in its early product awareness and education stages. These early adopters are useful not only for spreading the word about you, but can also give you valuable insights that you can use for: Optimizing your product Adjusting your messaging Defining your company’s main goals and road map The two main challenges that you’re... View Article

SEO is Not Dead – SimilarWeb Got Nearly 1 Million Visitors From SEO So Far in 2014

July 30, 2014 By Comments

The digital landscape that we live in changes rapidly and means that dated technologies and practices gradually fall to the wayside. SEO has been a mainstay of traffic generation since the late 90s, but for the last few years, many marketeers have been keen to holler “SEO IS DEAD!”. The reasons behind this viewpoint include a move away from manipulating rankings, the rise of social media optimization and concentrating on rich content instead. However, I feel that this “SEO IS DEAD!” soundbite is more of a shock tactic to send a few ripples through the industry. It’s an easy accusation... View Article

Are LinkedIn Pricing Themselves Out Of The Ad Market?

July 29, 2014 By Comments

LinkedIn Ads launched in January 2011 and, using cost per click (CPC) bidding, allows advertisers to aim ads at users of LinkedIn with targeting options such as: company name, LinkedIn group and job title. Growth for this platform has been relatively slow though (see graph below), and factors such as high initial CPC, outdated interfaces and a lack of analysis tools, might be the main reasons for this. Since I strongly believe this social network can be an amazing platform for advertising, I did an analysis of their advertising offering. I’ve included some stats from SimilarWeb PRO to share with you... View Article

Why ‘Broken Link Building’ is Going to be the Next SEO Technique to Get Slapped by Google

July 28, 2014 By Comments

I recently read a very good post by Moz which included the results of a survey about link building techniques based on responses from 315 professionals from the SEO industry. The survey indicated the following techniques were the most popular ones: Content and outreach Infographic promotion Broken link building Local citation/Business directories Resource pages Paid links Translating existing content Competitions/Giveaways Video submissions Press release submissions Blog network Guest posts The Mighty Have Fallen If you’ve followed SEO news in the past year, you won’t be surprised to see guest posts at the end of the list. This while in 2013’s... View Article

What’s the Secret to Better Lead Scoring? The SimilarWeb API – 3 Benefits of Using the SimilarWeb API to Automate Better Lead Scoring

July 24, 2014 By Comments

Connecting sales with leads is the heart of any business, but finding and qualifying leads is messy. Marketing campaigns, no matter which channel is being utilized, by nature are designed to bring in large amounts of leads. Delivering too many leads to a salesperson can be just as harmful as under delivering leads, especially if the leads are irrelevant. It’s relatively easy to collect names and email addresses for people who have shown, or ought to show, some interest in your business. You may have a newsletter subscription box, you may spend lots of time in a CRM tool, or... View Article

Webinar Summary – Finding Keyword Treasures with SimilarWeb PRO

July 23, 2014 By Comments

Yesterday, July 22nd, we held our first in a series of ongoing webinars which demonstrated how to find keyword treasures using the PRO. Donna Dror, our Enterprise Data Consultant, and Emmanuel Heymann, our Marketing Data Consultant, led the webinar. In the webinar we: Explained how we collect our data. Gave a quick overview of the website and industry analysis sections. Did a deep analysis of search traffic by looking at’s PPC and SEO strategies. We also reviewed side-by-side comparisons between Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Demonstrating how you can analyze the traffic share per keyword for each of these competitors,... View Article

Get to Know SimilarWeb PRO with our New Knowledge Base

July 22, 2014 By Comments

We’ve created a new knowledge base that will help you to navigate through SimilarWeb PRO to understand its benefits and specific uses for your own industry and requirements. The articles and videos are organized around the conversion funnel stages: Audience, Acquisition and Conversion. Under each of these steps you’ll fine specific uses cases such as: Discover Your Audience’s Interests (located under Audience > Interests) Find out Which Ad Networks and Banners Your Competitors Are Using (located under Acquisition > Media Buying) These articles and videos are also available directly in your SimilarWeb PRO dashboard. You can access them by clicking... View Article

SimilarWeb Adds 25 Months of Historical Data to the Platform

July 21, 2014 By Comments

SimilarWeb now offers more than double the data as the historical data window now stretches back 25 months. This feature is now live for SimilarWeb Pro Enterprise users. With the expanded look-back you will be able to understand seasonal variances, make direct year-over-year comparisons, and understand the results of your long term marketing strategies. To get your creative juices flowing we have pulled together a few examples on how you can take advantage of the extended data set. Direct Year over Year Comparisons - – Dec 2012 VS Dec 2013 With stats now going back 25 months, you can compare... View Article

3 ways to use SimilarWeb PRO for vetting affiliates

July 17, 2014 By Comments

Marketers are investing more in affiliate marketing these days, with the trade researchers over at Forrester predicting that the affiliate industry will grow to $4.5 million by 2016. Affiliate marketing is extremely effective at referring new types of customers and allowing brands to enter new markets on a local and global level. In most cases your ROI is instantly positive, since you’re usually paying per acquisition or lead and not just for traffic, like it is in other marketing channels such as PPC and media buying. However, what affiliate marketing saves in expenses, it costs in resources – a relationship... View Article

How to measure a website’s quality? 4 different measurement methods

July 16, 2014 By Comments

As an online marketer, one of the biggest challenges is to find the best possible websites to partner with in formats such as affiliation or media buying. You need to know that your time and money are not wasted on low quality, low potential websites.  With so many websites out there, how are we to know if any given site is worth our time? There are different tools and measurements methods out there that can help you understand a site’s worth. Each relies on different metrics and algorithms. In this article we’ll explain what stands behind each of the most... View Article