App Index in Action! The Top 15 Most Used Social Apps in America

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  Throughout the week we’ve been covering all the amazing benefits you can get from our newly-released App Engagement, including interesting insights into user behavior through usage patterns.  We’ve made some updates to the feature since its nascent beta phase, and we’re excited to show you how it works in action.   Before, you could see the app usage rank both for the US and in its specific category by looking at the ‘App Overview’ section in the App Engagement tab. Now … Continue reading

What App Usage Patterns Mean for Online Marketers: Case Study with ‘Religious’ Apps

  Earlier this week we released our App Engagement feature for SMB, which allows you to gain insight into the true value of any app with value-driven measurement that goes beyond install volume and store rank. Now we’re going to be diving deep into one of App Engagement’s most valuable features – usage patterns. We’re talking about when users are most active, and how marketing professionals can use this information to their advantage.   What are Usage Patterns, and How Do they Reflect … Continue reading

Moving from Acquisition to Retention: Reveal Missed Opportunities

  Moving from Acquisition to Retention and Reveal Missed Opportunities   Those in the app marketing arena have been struggling for a while now to figure out the right KPIs to use when planning large-scale marketing strategies. Up until now, the main target was getting your app out there with as many installs as possible. To accomplish this goal, the main KPI was ranking. That’s why  app marketeers worked so hard to get lots of reviews to bump up their ratings and improve their … Continue reading

Introducing: SimilarWeb for Safari

Several months ago, we announced the all-new SimilarWeb add-on, and it’s gotten glowing reviews. We’ve also received a lot of feedback, first and foremost: direct links to SimilarWeb PRO. Therefore, as of the most recent update you will now be transported into PRO with the click of a button.   But more importantly, hello Safari!!   We’ve brought the full breadth of to the best browser out there (arguably ;-)! With a single click, you can get in-depth traffic and engagement statistics for any website straight … Continue reading

What Does Expedia’s $1.6B Takeover Mean for the Competition?

  Online travel websites have been prone to going on trips, lately – shopping trips that is. Booking trips online is clearly paying off for the travel industry. One of the biggest players in the game recently went on a buying spree, consolidating several online booking companies in what can only be characterized as a massive takeover.   In Januray 2015 the US travel bigwig Expedia acquired both the US and Canadian Travelocity websites from parent corporation Sabra Corp for a … Continue reading

Interview with Annielytics’ own Annie Cushing

Continuing with our series of interviews with industry experts, we interviewed blogger, excel savant, SEO maven and “data sexifier” Annie Cushing.   Annie writes data-oriented posts on Search Engine Land, and her wildly popular website Annielytics tackles everything from using Google Analytics and social media tools to “practical strategies to help you put your data in stilettos and make it work the pole.”   We sat down with Annie to chat about excel tips for online marketers, her infamous tutorials, and what’s … Continue reading

Cool New Features for Media Buyers

  We’re excited to announce the launch of new features in our Ad Creative section on SimilarWeb PRO, which is guaranteed to make your life as an advertiser that much easier.   Up until now, we’ve been able to show you the ad networks, publishers and ads your competitors are using. Now, In addition to seeing your competitors’ top banners, you’ll also be able to see:   When these banners were viewed Which landing pages the banners led to.   … Continue reading

This is why Marketeers Should Donate Money to Wikipedia

  Recently Wikipedia began asking readers for another round of donations. This is not the first time Wikipedia has reached out for help, and given the site’s ad-free policy, it is unlikely to be the last.   The goal of this popular online encyclopedia is to keep its pages free of ads and its content completely neutral. They don’t want even the slightest suggestion of native ads or any kind of preference that is based on an exchange of goods. … Continue reading

The Valentine’s Day Data is in and the Stats are a Little Depressing

  Ah, Valentine’s Day, the holiday that is simultaneously hated and revered by millions! The holiday that pressures new couples into making grand romantic overtures! The holiday that fosters feelings of inadequacy and loneliness in singles! The holiday that would likely cease to exist if it weren’t for greeting card companies pushing their not-so-hidden agenda of boosting sales – an estimated 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are sent each year.   In the 2004 feature film Eternal Sunshine of the … Continue reading

Infographic: SEO Predictions for 2015 (Part 2)

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Yesterday we published our cool infographic on what top SEO experts Andy Crestodina, Ann Smarty and Eric Enge had to say about how search is evolving in 2015.   Today we bring you part 2 of our SEO predictions for 2015 infographic, featuring insights from SEO experts Aaron Wall, Bruce Clay and Aleyda Solis. Combine these tips with yesterday’s infographic and you’ve got yourself an informative how-to guide with great advice on refining your SEO strategy for 2015. Happy searching!