Infographic: The State of Search Marketing 2015

  Regardless of what traffic channel online marketers choose to focus their efforts on, Search traffic is undoubtedly one of the most important  (and some would say, the most important, with over 90% of internet experiences starting with search…and 100 global searches being conducted each month!)   Where is all the search traffic coming from, and where is it going? How does desktop traffic measure up to mobile? What’s working better, PPC or SEO?   To answer all of these … Continue reading

Featured Chart: Soars in Israel

At SimilarWeb we’re pretty proud of our data. Thanks to our platform, marketing professionals, researchers, journalists, and analysts can get data-driven insights that will help them achieve their objectives and make better decisions.   That’s why we came up with a new blog post feature that we’re going to be showcasing every week (at least to start with). It’s our featured chart, which will illustrate firsthand how interesting that data is – and how it reveals the details behind any … Continue reading

So Far So Good: SimilarWeb’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2015

  So far 2015 is off to a great start at SimilarWeb. We’ve had some major accomplishments – most notably our now infamous app engagement feature, which gives you the true value of any app by measuring actual usage patterns.   But that’s not all. In the past few months we’ve been posting a lot about how to optimize your marketing strategy with data. And in this bi-monthly round up of our most popular blog posts, we’ve discovered that what … Continue reading

The 25 Most Used Paid Android Apps Keeping Users Engaged in the UK

Here at SimilarWeb we’re all about usage patterns, because they reveal the true value of any app by measuring user behavior. That’s why we’ve been touting the release of our App Engagement feature in several blog posts, including our lists on the top used apps in the US. Why are these lists so important for app developers and marketers? Knowing which apps are keeping users is only half the battle. By reviewing the most used apps (free and paid) by … Continue reading

Here are the Top 25 Most Used Apps in the UK

  Recently we’ve been posting quite a bit about our app engagement feature, which is now available for SMB. This innovative feature is part of our app analysis platform, and gives you a better understanding of the true value of any app by measuring usage patterns in addition to install volume and store rank.     So how else does this new feature help you with your app marketing efforts? In addition to providing a variety of insights into user behavior and … Continue reading

Revealing Audience Interests for Better App Marketing

A couple of months ago, we announced the launch of our new app analysis feature – App Engagement. This new feature reveals the true value behind any app in terms of popularity and stickiness. We recently added a new section of this feature called Audience Interests, which provides actionable insights into user bahvior for app developers and marketeers.   Audience Interests shows you which apps have a high probability of being installed and used by the same users. It also … Continue reading

We’re Kind of Famous! SimilarWeb in the News

in the news
  We’re at hard work as usual, and it’s really starting to pay off.   At SimilarWeb we’re no stranger to making headlines, and so far in 2015 we’ve had our fair share of press. The company has more than doubled in size in the past year, and along with that came new projects and exciting ventures. 2014 saw the advent of our Mobile App Analysis platform, and last week our App Engagement feature officially left the beta phase to … Continue reading

App Index in Action! The Top 15 Most Used Social Apps in America

social media
  Throughout the week we’ve been covering all the amazing benefits you can get from our App Engagement feature which we’ve just released for SMB – including interesting insights into user behavior through usage patterns.  We’ve made some updates to the feature since its nascent beta phase, and we’re excited to show you how it works in action.   Before, you could see the app usage rank both for the US and in its specific category by looking at the ‘App Overview’ … Continue reading

What App Usage Patterns Mean for Online Marketers: Case Study with ‘Religious’ Apps

  Earlier this week we released our App Engagement feature for SMB, which allows you to gain insight into the true value of any app with value-driven measurement that goes beyond install volume and store rank. Now we’re going to be diving deep into one of App Engagement’s most valuable features – usage patterns. We’re talking about when users are most active, and how marketing professionals can use this information to their advantage.   What are Usage Patterns, and How Do they Reflect … Continue reading

Moving from Acquisition to Retention: Reveal Missed Opportunities

    Those in the app marketing arena have been struggling for a while now to figure out the right KPIs to use when planning large-scale marketing strategies. Up until now, the main target was getting your app out there with as many installs as possible. To accomplish this goal, the main KPI was ranking. That’s why  app marketeers worked so hard to get lots of reviews to bump up their ratings and improve their ASO as much as possible.   It was only … Continue reading