Featured Chart: What is the Most Searched Query Driving Traffic to the IRS Website?

While yesterday was the deadline for U.S. taxpayers to file federal and state income tax returns, they’re already wondering when the IRS will show them every penny of their tax refunds, according to our data.   A review of the Top 10 most-searched for words on Google sending web traffic to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS.gov) during the first three months of 2015 shows that more than nearly 17% of taxpayers in America want their refunds, and they want them now.   … Continue reading

Featured Chart: Google is Driving Millions to File Share Sites

tv shows
Ever wonder where all the traffic to file share sites comes from? Well, according to our data, the main traffic driver is none other than the most popular search engine in the world. This is something we’ve noticed recently, with Game of Thrones fans downloading episodes of the popular TV show from equally popular piracy sites. And Google is sending millions who search for ‘Game of Thrones’ episodes to these Torrent file-sharing download sites.   A review of top-ranked file-sharing websites from … Continue reading

Featured Chart: This Site Got Over 1.6M Visits in Just a Week After Launching

Want something? Send a text, and voíla! It’s yours!   It may sound vague, but that’s exactly what the, uh, magic is behind the new startup Magic  – text what you want to the number, and one of Magic’s operators (magicians?) will have it for you as soon as possible. Requests can vary from the mundane (ie, a meatball sub and a coke) to the exotic (a Bengal tiger delivered to your door). If you’re willing to pay for it, … Continue reading

New Feature Release on SimilarWeb PRO – Custom Websites

We’ve just released a new Enterprise feature and we’re excited to share it with you. It’s our Custom Websites feature,  which lets you analyze a group of websites together using accumulated data. Now you’ll be able to create custom groups of websites that you can then analyze with a single search using ‘Website Analysis’ on SimilarWeb PRO.   What can I analyze with Custom Websites?   With Custom Websites you can analyze multiple websites in a single search. You’ll be … Continue reading

Infographic: The Power of Drudge

Conservative news aggregator site the Drudge Report has been around for 20 years, which is definitely impressive considering the fleeting quality of websites in the digital age. Featuring hundreds of links to news sites and columns from all over the globe, the Drudge Report covers a vast spectrum of news categories including entertainment, politics, current affairs, and more. Aside from being one of the most established news aggregators, Drudge has another claim-to-fame: It was the first news source to break the Lewinsky-Clinton scandal back … Continue reading

Featured Chart: Look Where all the Traffic from the Cricket World Cup is Coming From

The Cricket World Cup started on Valentine’s Day (February 14). Predictably, site traffic to icc-cricket.com website began to soar as interest around the tournament increased.     But where was the majority of the traffic coming from? Not from the UK, Australia or New Zealand. India was driving the lion’s share of traffic to the icc website, commanding over 32% of traffic share. Cricket is insanely popular in India, ever since the British introduced the sport during their colonization of … Continue reading

Introducing: SimilarWeb Safari Extension

Safari Add-On is Here and it’s Better than Ever! Another product update alert! This one is an upgrade of one of our newer features – SimilarWeb’s Safari plugin. Several months ago, we announced the all-new SimilarWeb add-on, and it was met with glowing reviews. We were pretty excited about this extension, and it turns out our clients were, too. We’ve also received a lot of feedback from clients about ways we could improve the extension, and we took it to heart. We … Continue reading

Which NCAA Final Four Fans Sent Their Team the Most Web Traffic?

  This morning we know that the Wisconsin Badgers and Duke Blue Devils will play for the NCAA basketball 2014-15 season title, and that the Kentucky Wildcats and Michigan State Spartans won’t. Which team’s fans showed their true colors with the most web visits?   First, we looked at the percent of ESPN users who visited Final Four team pages on the sports network’s website during the last 28 days (March 7 – April 3, 2015). During that time, ESPN garnered … Continue reading

Announcing April’s SimilarWeb Algorithm Change

  At SimilarWeb we have a wealth of data at our disposal, and handling this data is no simple task. Simply put, there’s quite a lot of work that goes into refining this vast portfolio of data.   We’re constantly hard at work updating our technology and algorithms in order to continue fulfilling our objective, which is to create the most comprehensive map of the digital world with full transparency.   That’s why we’re committed to making ongoing improvements on … Continue reading

Is the iWatch Craze the Real Deal, or a Hyped Up Media Invention?

  Not even a month ago, Apple released their highly anticipated iWatch. As with any Apple product launch, everyone is going nuts for this thing – and it isn’t even available for purchase just yet. Plus, this is Apple’s first major release since the iPad. You would expect, then, that all terms associated with iWatch would be driving tons of website traffic; a veritable golden apple of a traffic-driving keyword (sorry, pun definitely intended).   At SimilarWeb we know that … Continue reading