This Type of Travel App is the Most Popular for UK App Users

london transport
  We’re a bit app-crazy this week, with more insights on top apps. This time we stumbled upon some interesting info about UK commuters.   Guess which type of travel app is most favored by UK Android app users? Hint: Tickets, please!   It is not surprising that bus transport is the premier form of public transport in UK, but that bus related apps are used so heavily is somewhat unexpected. Among the top-15 apps in the Travel & Local … Continue reading

Top Free & Paid Android Apps in the USA

smartphone APP USE in USA
  We’re back this week with more top apps. Last week we took a look at India’s top paid and free apps, compared to the previous month.  In honor of America’s Independence Day, we’re putting the spotlight on the U S of A.   We’re going to look at both top free and paid apps for Android apps in America. To compare, have a look at the top free and paid lists for the US from last month. Remember, here … Continue reading

How Journalists and Content Marketers Can Use Data Insights to Craft Great Stories

writing data insights
Confession time: Like many writers, I’m sometimes plagued with writer’s block. It’s my biggest obstacle as a writer and content marketer, and I used to feel helpless against it.   For those of you who write, you know that writer’s block doesn’t just happen when you don’t have anything to write about. Sometimes there’s simply too much to say on a particular subject, and then you find yourself bogged down by the enormity of it all. This happens to the … Continue reading

These are the Top Communication Apps Britons Are Paying For

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At SimilarWeb, we’re crazy for all things app-related. And with our unique engagement metrics that measure real app usage patterns, we’ve got a lot to say. That’s why we feature top apps by country and category several times a month, to illustrate which apps are leading in their respective industries – and how you can use this information in your app marketing efforts.   At the beginning of June we talked about which free apps were leading in the UK. We … Continue reading

The Most Popular Illegal Movie Downloads

  It’s summer, a time when people head to the beach, to barbeques, to all manner of outdoor activities and events. But let’s not forget those summer blockbusters, when people everywhere make a beeline to the theater to watch the hottest new multi-million dollar film release.   Or they opt for the alternative. Beating the crowds and saving cash (but breaking the law) to catch their favorite flicks.   It may be illegal, but that doesn’t stop entertainment-hungry would-be moviegoers from doing it. … Continue reading

Top 10 Free & Paid Android Apps in India

We’re back with top apps, this week focusing on top paid and top free apps in India. Last month we covered top apps in these categories for April, now let’s have a look at which apps are topping the free and paid lists for May.     First up – India’s top free apps (all categories). The list toppers for May are pretty similar to those popular apps we saw in April, with a few exceptions. The most notable absence … Continue reading

Popular Netflix Shows Unite East & West Coasts

Time to end all East Coast v. West Coast feuds!  Entertainment unites! Using SimilarWeb’s Popular Pages feature, we explored the most popular shows on Netflix, by New York and California viewers. Check out which shows are insanely popular on both coastlines, including one that has been off the air for years.

Data Reveals Dads Like Weird Gifts for Father’s Day

dads gifts
 5 lbs of worms, a septic tank, and grow lights? Father’s Day just keeps getting weirder and weirder every year. We took a look at the top 10 product searches for Amazon, Best Buy and Home Depot leading up to his American national holiday, and the results were surprising (and more than just a little odd).

[Infographic] A look into the Airline Industry

The airline industry has gone through quite a few changes in recent years. More and more low-cost airlines are entering the market. At the same time the digital sphere is witnessing an increase in OTAs that are competing over the same traffic channels.   We did an in-depth analysis to see how these recent changes have affected the airline industry. In this rapidly evolving market, who are the industry leaders, and what are their main marketing strategies? To answer these questions … Continue reading