Come Meet Us at Affiliate Summit East!

  It’s that time of year again: Time for Affiliate Summit East!   Affiliate Summit is the premiere affiliate marketing conference, so anyone who’s anyone in the online marketing industry will be there. For those of you who don’t know, Affiliate Summit hosts two conferences annually, one on the east coast and one on the west coast. This year’s Affiliate Summit East  features over 60 speakers from a wide variety of industries, hundreds of exhibitors plus networking opportunities and informative … Continue reading

Is Wikipedia Being Hit By a Google Penalty?

  In conjunction with my recent post on Google’s new Panda 4.2 update, I want to explore another site that seems to have been hit – though whether or not it’s from Panda is still unclear.   In the last couple of months I started to notice a rather disturbing trend: referring traffic from all Wikipedia pages to SimilarWeb started dropping. At my last analysis, I calculated that Wikipedia referral traffic dropped a whopping 40%!     What was going … Continue reading

More Countries Added to App Engagement on SimilarWeb PRO!

Since launching App Engagement on SimilarWeb PRO in January, we’ve been getting amazing feedback from our users, who say that this section has now become an essential part of their competitive and market app analysis process.   With features such as ‘Current Installs’, ‘Active Users’, and ‘Retention’, it’s now easier than ever to understand the true value of any mobile app, and to approach new markets and industries with the information required to succeed.   Up until now, all App … Continue reading

Google Panda 4.2 Update in Town: Google’s Slowpoke Panda Algorithm Already Making an Impact

sleeping panda
There’s a new Panda update from Google, and while “he” doesn’t have a name, he’s already making his presence known. He’s Panda 4.2 and he just rolled into town a week ago. That’s just 10 months after his predecessor Panda 4.1 came and took the web by storm.  Panda 4.2 will be slowly rolled out in the coming months, affecting roughly 2%-3% of English language queries.   The main characteristic of this Panda is that he’s slow – it could … Continue reading

Top Health Apps: Are People Actually Using their Fitbits?

woman exercises with smartwatch
Why yes, yes they are. But allow us to elaborate.   Summer is here, which is about the time everyone’s health-related New Year’s resolutions start kicking in (think: swimsuit season). So in honor of all things health-related, we took a dive into the top most used Health apps in the US. Grab your PBA-free bottle of natural spring water, throw on your sweat-wicking running shorts and get ready to immerse yourself in some seriously healthy apps!     And the number … Continue reading

8 Reasons Why Instagram’s Kevin Systrom Should Be Twitter’s Next CEO

Twitter is still actively searching for their next CEO. And wth all due respect to Snoop Dogg, there is a better candidate for Twitter’s open top tier position. It’s Kevin Systrom, founder and current CEO of Instagram.   While the whole world is aflutter about Twitter, it’s Instagram that’s rocking the KPIs with more current installs (Android) and better engagement.  Just by installs alone, it’s clear that Instagram is pretty much killing it, while Twitter is…being killed. This is probably … Continue reading

Top 10 Free & Paid Apps in India: Stability in the App Economy

india smartphone users
For this week’s top apps, we’re taking a look at India.   Last time we explored India’s top apps we discovered that Whatsapp Messenger was leading, beating out the all-powerful Facebook to claim first place. The same holds true for this month – Whatsapp is still heading the list of the top most used free apps for Android. The rest of the top apps are pretty stable from the previous month as well. Surprinsingly, apps ranked 1-8 have all managed … Continue reading

SimilarWeb Welcomes the Swayy Team to our Rapidly Growing Family

  We’ve had a lot to celebrate in the past several months, which began with our data being featured in several news stories and publications.   Now we have another big win to celebrate: Our second acquisition, of the content curation platform Swayy.   Swayy is a personalized content curation platform that helps brands discover and share the most engaging content with their audiences on social media. The Swayy team will join SimilarWeb and the Swayy App will be decommissioned … Continue reading

This New Gaming App Has Mad Game: You’ll Never Guess How Far it Jumped in Rank

  It was a day that started out like any other.   I was going about my business, analyzing US gaming app trends with our app index (you know, the one that measures actual usage patterns, not just app store rank and install volume) and I came across a gaming app with the kind of rank change that warrants the thought, “this must be a bug!” Because typically, top apps tend to remain pretty stable, with just a few – if any – shifts in rank … Continue reading

The Top 10 Paid & Free Apps in the UK

  Recently we’ve covered the top free and paid apps that are the most used in India. We also explored the top free and paid apps in America. This week we’re taking a look at the top free and paid UK apps.     Facebook is of course the undisputed champion, taking top place. The majority of these top free apps have remained in relatively the same rank place in our app index. The rest of the list also contains several other … Continue reading