Americans think the iWatch is Cooler than Everyone Else in the World

It wasn’t even close. That’s what our online data show when it comes to global interest in the Apple Watch during the four-week period before it’s April 24, 2015 release.   U.S. consumers had more than 25 million desktop visits to Apple Watch-related pages in the Silicon Valley company’s online store during that time. That’s 600% more than Chinese consumers, and nearly 700% more than Japanese consumers. The balance of Apple desktop store traffic went to curious consumers in the … Continue reading

Mobile Accounts for More than Half of Traffic Share to Top UK Retailers

  More proof that global desktop traffic is starting to stagnate: according to our recent dive into the ecommerce (shopping) industry in the UK, mobile traffic is slowly overtaking the lion’s share of traffic.   We analyzed the top 10 shopping sites in the UK, taking a look at both mobile web and desktop traffic. The results are telling of a trend that we’ve been seeing across all industries –  Mobile web is enjoying its heyday, as more users rely … Continue reading

More Good Things Predicted for Apple’s Next Quarterly Earnings Report

apple shopping cart
Apple’s quarterly earnings report for Q2 2015 is scheduled for Monday, April 27, 2015. A review of global traffic data for Apple online store’s checkout cart over the last year hints that this quarter’s fiscal results will be stronger than a year ago.     Traffic for Apple’s global checkout cart rose to 3.46% of all traffic in Q1 ’15, up 8.6% in year-over-year PVs from Q2 2014. An increase of that kind at a company with the world’s largest … Continue reading

Facebook Slowly Overtaking All Forms of Communication

When it comes to mobile social networking apps, Facebook is killing it. That’s what we think the social media giant will conclude on Wednesday, April 22nd when it presents shareholders with the results of its Q2 2015 earnings.   According to our mobile app data, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp (all owned by Facebook) were the top-ranked free social networking apps in the U.S. in Apple’s AppStore for the recent 28-day period ending on April 18th. The Silicon Valley … Continue reading

What Declining Interest in Twitter Ads Means for Marketers

  Digital ad spend is booming, especially on social media. Need proof? Here are some fat figures for you: According to predictions from eMarketer, digital ad spend will total over $27B in the US in 2015. This figure is expected to reach $36.36B in 2017, with Facebook and Twitter accounting for over 33% of the market. For the first time, Twitter is poised to overtake Yahoo in terms of total US digital display revenues.   But despite these lofty predictions, there is … Continue reading

TechCrunch Gets High on Marijuana Delivery Service

It’s 4/20, and to celebrate we did a little analysis on the fast-growing Eaze Solutions. This San Francisco-based medical marijuana delivery startup is literally going ganja over growth (pun intended).   According to our data, the medical marijuana pot delivery service generated a whopping 78% of its website traffic from a combination of direct visits (44.83%) and referrals (33.01%) over the last 12-months. The number one traffic referral source was the technology news site TechCrunch, accounting for 15.24% of all referrals.     … Continue reading

What is the Most Searched Query Driving Traffic to the IRS Website?

While yesterday was the deadline for U.S. taxpayers to file federal and state income tax returns, they’re already wondering when the IRS will show them every penny of their tax refunds, according to our data.   A review of the Top 10 most-searched for words on Google sending web traffic to the Internal Revenue Service ( during the first three months of 2015 shows that more than nearly 17% of taxpayers in America want their refunds, and they want them now. The … Continue reading

Google is Driving Millions to File Share Sites

tv shows
Ever wonder where all the traffic to file share sites comes from? Well, according to our data, the main traffic driver is none other than the most popular search engine in the world. This is something we’ve noticed recently, with Game of Thrones fans downloading episodes of the popular TV show from equally popular piracy sites. And Google is sending millions who search for ‘Game of Thrones’ episodes to these Torrent file-sharing download sites.   A review of top-ranked file-sharing websites from … Continue reading

Featured Chart: This Site Got Over 1.6M Visits in Just a Week After Launching

Want something? Send a text, and voíla! It’s yours!   It may sound vague, but that’s exactly what the, uh, magic is behind the new startup Magic  – text what you want to the number, and one of Magic’s operators (magicians?) will have it for you as soon as possible. Requests can vary from the mundane (ie, a meatball sub and a coke) to the exotic (a Bengal tiger delivered to your door). If you’re willing to pay for it, … Continue reading

New Feature Release on SimilarWeb PRO – Custom Websites

We’ve just released a new Enterprise feature and we’re excited to share it with you. It’s our Custom Websites feature,  which lets you analyze a group of websites together using accumulated data. Now you’ll be able to create custom groups of websites that you can then analyze with a single search using ‘Website Analysis’ on SimilarWeb PRO.   What can I analyze with Custom Websites?   With Custom Websites you can analyze multiple websites in a single search. You’ll be … Continue reading